Did you know that the NYPD has admitted to interfering in the civil liberties of all individuals and organizations engaged in 1st Amendment Activity?  And NO ONE is being held accountable?  And they want to continue open ended investigations on the flimsiest of not evidence, but assertions by undercover and sometimes paid informants?

YOU can comment on the proposed Handschu settlement!   We can stop NYPD Spying!




For the foregoing reasons, the proposed settlement is DISAPPROVED, without prejudice to resubmission after the parties and counsel have had an opportunity to consider this Ruling.

–CHARLES S. HAIGHT, JR. Senior United States District Judge



The proposed modifications now before Judge Haight are Unfair and Unreasonable and therefore fail to satisfy the standards he articulated at the first hearing as necessary to earn the approval of the Court. For those reasons, we ask this Court to use its power to protect the Handschu plaintiff class[1] to reject this settlement as unfair and unreasonable and ask the parties to negotiate a proposed settlement that will both remedy injustices and will prevent their repetition  Such a better Handschu settlement would also include acknowledgement by the perpetrator of past wrongs.


Stop NYPD Spying opposes the proposed settlement.  It is not set in stone, we can influence it.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Extend the comment time and geographic notice.

Punish NYPD for violating the 1st Amendment.

Do you think the police should be monitoring, infiltrating and subverting political activists? Do you think this is fundamentally unAmerican? Was the United States founded by political activists who opposed the infringements on fundamental rights by an unaccountable sovereign? And weren’t these rights enshrined in our Constitution as inalienable? If you believe that policing political activists is wrong and unAmerican , then you have a stake in the current fight to get the NYPD and its partners to honor the Constitution. If we win here, we’ll provide a model for police forces in towns and cities nationwide. If we lose, our civil liberties may continue to be eroded by practices and policies that undermine our basic freedoms.

If this fight is important to you, read on, join us and take action!

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