Our Coalition

We are a coalition of political activists – environmental, housing, civil liberties, human rights and others – dedicated to defending our First and Fourth Amendment rights. We believe that the targeting of political activists by the Executive branch (in this case the NYPD), tolerated by the other branches (in this case, the City Council) has profoundly damaged our civil liberties and so undermines our democracy.

Some of us learned that we were targets of NYPD operations through documents leaked by an NYPD insider to two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. Others among us have long suspected that NYPD practices and policies towards activists were un-Constitutional.

On May 27th, Friends of Brad Will, a member of our coalition and a target of spying and infiltration by the NYPD, filed the first complaint with the new Inspector General of the Police Department for the City of New York.  Friends of Brad Will recommend to the Inspector General a course of action for exposing and ending targeting of political activists by the NYPD, including the spying on and infiltration of Friends of Brad Will.

The story spread like wildfire through the airwaves and the wires.


Who are our allies? YOU! Any American – or for that matter any person – who believes that American democracy is a critical barrier to unaccountable and damaging government policies and practices, is our ally.

If you truly love your country and its founding principles, we encourage you to read the complaint (note we’re not lawyers; just activists like you trying to stop something we know is wrong, wasteful and damaging).

You can download it here (PDF).

Or just read our demands and recommendations here.

Regardless of where you live or what you believe, if you are a political activist – on the Right, Left, or Center, pro-choice, pro-life, pro-civil liberties, fiscal conservative, socialist, NRA or gun-control, libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Green or anarchist – you are our ally in this and your supportive action is critical.


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